Establishing Clear Goals for Yourself and Regularly Assessing Your Progress Improves Performance in Less Time

In the journey towards personal or professional success, the importance of setting clear goals cannot be overstated. Whether embarking on a new project, pursuing a career milestone, or striving for self-improvement, establishing clear objectives provides a roadmap for progress and achievement. However, the mere act of setting goals is just the beginning. Regular assessment of…

Take Responsibility for Your Role in the Conflict to Prevent Heightened Emotions
Take Responsibility for Your Role in the Conflict to Prevent Heightened Emotions

When we disagree with a coworker or team member, we’ll often feel offended or misunderstood. Because we feel this resentment, we’re also likely to say something that fuels the fire of the argument. Our quick response just makes the problem worse. In turn, the solution gets further away. But you can turn things around if,…

Employee contemplating how to motivate employees after layoffs.
Layoffs and Leadership: How to Boost Morale After Downsizing

How to motivate employees after layoffs is a “how to” article no one wants to search for. Yet, when layoffs do happen, we have no choice but to steer our ship through those stormy waters. The atmosphere is charged with tension, mistrust looms in the air, and morale can quickly plummet to an all-time low….

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The Best Practices for Team Correction and Training

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, effective team management is crucial to achieving optimal performance and maintaining a competitive edge. One of the key components of successful team management is professional development through training and correction. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the best practices for training and correcting your team. By the end,…

Ace Race mini golf team building activity
Creative Corporate Event Ideas that Your Team Will Absolutely Love

Creative corporate event ideas are as vast as the audiences that they are designed for. However, if you are looking for a few creative corporate event ideas that your team will absolutely love, you’ve come to the right place! Every leader wants to create a solid team that works well together. We also want to…

Developing Efficient Meetings
Developing Efficient Meetings

How would you describe meetings you have attended in the past? Last Tuesday, I was facilitating a workshop on how to facilitate more successful meetings, and to start things off, I asked the group that very question. The answers that they provided were very similar to answers that I have received from hundreds of workshop…