CAMARADERIE QUEST Outdoor Team Building

Team Scavenger Hunt to Build Camaraderie with Your Team!

The Camaraderie Quest outdoor team building activities are high tech team scavenger hunts. You pick the location. We create a custom team treasure hunt. You pick the location. We then customize a team scavenger hunt for your group. First, each team receives access to a custom-build team treasure hunt. The team scavenger hunt will have different activities for each team to accomplish and to upload proof that they accomplished the task. Finally, once every team has completed the hunt their uploaded responses will be scored. Whoever gets the highest score wins! Each team treasure hunt is a combination of an outdoor team building activity, a historic walking tour, and a competitive team challenge.
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Outcomes of these Outdoor Team Building Activities

  • Totally Customized for Your Group.
  • Work Together to Solve Challenges as a Group.
  • Improve Communicate and Trust.
  • Understand that Each Team Member Can Contribute to the Outcome.
  • Collaborate better.
  • Use Competition to Achieve Higher Level of Achievement.
  • And Have Tons of Fun in the Process.

Requirements of this Team Scavenger Hunt

  • Group Size: 6-120 People
  • Space Requirements: (Just a Fun to Explore Location.)
  • Time Needed: 2.5 Hours
  • Setup Time: The Instructor will arrive the day before to setup the quest.
  • *** The Camaraderie Quest works best if the area the team is exploring is fun and exciting. Historic downtown areas, museums, or other historic venues work best. Industrial areas, clubs and golf courses, and the like make terrible locations for an activity like this. Your instructor can help you choose a venue that will allow your group to have a lot of fun, though.
Team Scavenger Hunt

Structure and Time Frame of this Team Building Activity

The optimal time for this type of outdoor team building event is 2.5 hours. However, keep in mind that weather and climate can affect this program dramatically. If the outdoor temperature is over 85 degrees or under 65 degrees, we suggest a shorter outdoor time frame. Most often, though, we create two treasure hunts that each last about 45 minutes. Teams are sent off on Quest #1. Then, all of the teams meet at a central location to rest, dehydrate, and debrief. The instructor will often work with the group to help them plan more effectively for Quest #2. Finally, the group meets back at the starting point (most often, an air-conditioned meeting room) to see which team won the quest. If time permits, the instructor will show a short montage of photos and videos created by the teams on the outdoor team building activity!

Team Treasure Hunt

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