Creating a Team Culture

a energetic leadership workshop

Create a Team Culture within your company Today!

High Energy Classroom Team Building: Has your team experienced a a merger or management change recently?  Want to get your new hires to come in with a team mentality? Are changes in technology or roles within your personnel causing stress in the work place? Any or all of these things are happening Creating a Team Culture can help. The Creating a Team Culture leadership event can help your group come together to start working as a team more effectively. From problem solving to learning communication skills your team will leave this class with more confidence on their strengths and how to work together as a team. Ultimately, it shows team members how to be more effective with each other to increase production and decrease co-worker tension. Fun classroom team building is a fantastic and fun way to bring everyone together and develop a positive team culture in your office. People learn faster when they are having fun!

Outcomes of the fun leadership training class

  • Build a Team Culture
  • Improve Trust and Rapport
  • Reduce Conflicts
  • Build Strong Leaders Throughout Your Organization
  • Improve Morale and Add Fun to the Workplace.

Requirements of this Event

  • Group Size: 10-3000 People
  • Space Requirements: Classroom Style
  • Time Needed: 3.5 Hours – 2 Days
  • Setup Time: None
Creating a Team Culture Seminar

Structure and Time Frame of this Team Building Activity

Our high energy leadership class is composed of three one-hour modules to make the program easy to fit any time-frame. This event can be broken up to be breakout sessions, a full day of training, or a 2-day workshop. If you are looking at doing a team building event and want additional training for your team consider Creating A Team Culture as an add on. It is the perfect way to establish a positive team culture in your office.

Fun Classroom Team Building Seminar

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