Team building obstacle course event

amaze your team with our obstacle course Team charity event

The aMAZEing Builders Team Building Obstacle Course Events are high energy events filled with the thrill of competition. The biggest benefit of this event is that you can completely customize it. You can choose the charity and items that get donated. We have done everything from putting together backpacks for children in foster care, pet supplies for veterans who are getting a service dog, care packages for deployed soldiers, and house hold items for families staying at Ronald McDonald houses. We can also customize the event to fit any time frame.

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Outcomes of the obstacle course Team Building Activities

  • Effective Communication
  • Establish Trust and Rapport Between Team Members
  • Improve Team Work
  • Solve Problems as a Group
  • And Have Tons of Fun in the Process

Requirements of this Philanthropic Event

  • Group Size: 20-3000 People
  • Space Requirements: 25 ft2/person
  • Time Needed: 1-2 Hours
  • Setup Time: ~ 1 hour per Nine-Hole Course.
  • *** This Charity Obstacle Course Event requires a lot of “open space.” Participants navigate a maze on the floor of a banquet hall or meeting room. So, setup time can be increased dramatically if tables have to be moved, etc.

Structure and Time Frame of this Team Building Activity

This team building obstacle course activity is composed of three modules that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your group. Each of the three modules are designed to build the energy in the room and get the participants to function as a team more effectively. For a more in-depth activity, we also offer half-day, full-day, and a aMAZEing Builders 2-Day Retreat as well. During each event, you’ll engage both your minds and your bodies in navigating the maze and build great companionship with your team.